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Mogensen Mitigation, Incorporated
Migitation Banking and Related Services by Mogensen Mitigation, Inc.
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Details About Our Construction Industry Services

  • Contractor’s Representative
  • Environmental & Construction Inspection
  • Staff Biologist
  • NPDES Compliance
  • Owner’s Representative

  • Contractor’s Representative: MMI can assist contractors with bidding on stream, wetland and stormwater projects. You may know how to “move dirt” but installing trees and shrubs, getting the hydrologyright, preparing soils for planting – not so much. MMI can help with pre-bid assessment, post-contract award planning as well as during construction. Don’t be afraid to bid on stream and wetland jobs with MMI on your side. Plus, with MMI on your team you will have a qualified stream restoration practitioner.
  • Environmental & Construction Inspection Services: MMI can provide any required Environmental and/or Construction Inspection services.  MMI can prepare any required reports during and after construction.
  • Staff Biologist: Wetland and stream restoration projects often require a degreed Biologist to be on your team. MMI has a degreed biologist available.
  • NPDES: The National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) often requires routine and detailed erosion control inspection forms to be completed during construction. Typically, after each significant rain event all erosion control measures must be inspected and repaired if necessary. MMI can assist with these tasks as well as any other NPDES requirements.
  • Owner’s Representative: MMI can assist project owners with contractor/engineer/designer interactions.  Don’t leave yourself susceptible to folks who “speak a different language”. We know the lingo!


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