The Blog-O-Sphere


So, I remain mystified by Blogs. I think I understand Tweets, which are just a way to reach a larger, younger audience. I now understand that there is a Blog-O-Sphere World that is inhabited by Blog-O-Files. This world, as most worlds are, is virtual. But a world none the less. The Blog-O-Files consume Blogs for their kicks. No that isn’t quite right. I needed to do some more research. So I asked my class this year to critique the “What is a Blog?” I asked. “Who reads it? Why should I spend my time writing it?” I queried. “That is your next Assignment.”


Despite many comments that were clearly meant to “kiss up” to the teacher (“Overall I think this is an interesting and informative blog”), the papers were very enlightening and confirm the fact that most people do not live in the Blog-O-Sphere. Some anonymous quotes from the critiques will help explain. “First off, I do not read blogs.” OK. Next, “There’s a stigma around blogs: They’re unprofessional, unedited, never accurate, and only certain types of people read them.” Hmmm…… and Finally, “I personally don’t have too much experience with reading or interacting with a blog.”


For those students who do travel or have a working knowledge of the Blog-O-Sphere, several comments stood out. Change the name to something a tad more creative than “The”. From now on my Blog will be named “The MMI Ecosystem”. Several papers said “I don’t know who your audience is.” Well, dad gummit, that was the question! Also this, “More color and pictures maybe some music.” OK you want to be entertained, I get it! Post more often was a common comment. “If someone is going to read your blog they would usually want posts every day or every other day at the least.” That sounds like a full time job! No can do and I really doubt Blog-O-Files are hanging on my every word. Then there was the hurtful comments like “Comma’s are your friend” and “reread your posts before posting!” OK OK I will have them reviewed before posting but you don’t have to be mean!

As always, there were the helpful comments too that mentioned the fact that the site is not interactive and should be. I should use key words and social media to help promote MMI’s place in the Google World (when world’s collide), more blogs on your work and projects and finally “you have a blog; it’s your professional journal.” Now that makes sense!

St. Pete, FL Sunset

Now, I realize writing about blogs as the subject of your blog is like a TV news helicopter covering the crash of another TV news helicopter. But, I needed to get this out to the many Blog-O-Files who were hungry for more content to consume.