Mogensen Mitigation, Incorporated
Mogensen Mitigation, Incorporated
Migitation Banking and Related Services by Mogensen Mitigation, Inc.
Wetlands Restoration, Mitigation Banking and Related Wetland and Stream Environmental Consulting Services


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Welcome to Mogensen Mitigation, Inc. (MMI)

Mogensen Mitigation, Inc. is a full service environmental consulting company click pic specializing in wetlands consulting and stream & wetland mitigation banking.

MMI provides full-service mitigation banking consulting services and general wetlands consulting including delineations, CWA Section 404/1 permitting, functional assessments, threatened & endangered species, NEPA services.

MMI Management has been involved in over fifty successful stream and/or wetland mitigation banks and projects from Alabama to New Jersey.

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Special thanks & recognition goes to the N.J. Meadowlands Commission, with aerial support from LightHawk, for the above photo of the Meadowlands Conservation Trust’s Kane Mitigation Bank and the MRI Meadowlands Mitigation Bank in Bergen County, NJ. Both of these banks have been managed by Richard Mogensen over the last 20 years.

MMI is proud to be a member of theNational Mitigation Banking Association
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